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Do you find it hard to decide what gift to buy for a loved one? Or is it too late to order now because of the shipping times? The hustle and bustle of life often leaves us with little time for thoughtful gift shopping. It happens to the best of us. 
That’s where the genius of e gift cards comes into play. They’re the ultimate last-minute gifting, and in this comprehensive guide, on how to avoid new gift card scams this holiday season, we’ve handpicked different e gift cards to Star-approved retailers across various categories that will delight anyone on your list.

Advantages of E-Gift Cards

Before jumping into the plethora of e gift cards available to buy, let’s discuss the advantages of  unique experience gifts, digital gift cards over conventional gifting options: 

  • Convenience: E-gift cards can be purchased and redeemed online, eliminating the need for physical visits to stores.
  • Personalization: Many e-gift cards can be customized with personalized messages and designs, adding a thoughtful touch to the gift.
  • Variety: E-gift cards can be used for a wide range of products and services, catering to different interests and tastes.
  • Instant Delivery: They can be sent instantly, making them a perfect last-minute gift option.
  • No Expiry: Most e-gift cards don’t have an expiration date, allowing women to use them whenever they wish.

How to Select the Perfect E-Gift Card

Choosing the right E-Gift Card involves considering the individual’s preferences and the occasion. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the perfect selection:

  • Identify the Recipient’s Interests: Think about the recipient’s hobbies, favorite stores, and preferences to select a card that suits their tastes.
  • Choose the Retailer: Based on their interests, pick a retailer that offers a wide range of products or services related to those interests.
  • Select the Card Value: Determine how much you’d like to load onto the E-Gift Card. It can vary based on your budget and the recipient’s expectations.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Don’t forget to include a heartfelt message to make the gift more personal and memorable.
  • Complete the Purchase: Once you’ve made your choices, complete the purchase process. Most websites offer a simple, user-friendly checkout.

Food and Drink

What’s a better gift than a food or drinks e gift card from your favorite fast food joint.

Goldbelly Digital Gift Cards

Think about Goldbelly if your pal relocated far from their preferred bakery or brunch location. Delicious foods and treats from well-known eateries and local food enterprises can be delivered countrywide using this platform. They won’t be missing out on the tastes of home with Goldbelly, whether it’s a traditional New York bagel or delectable barbeque from the South.

Instacart Digital Gift Cards

Is there a more heartfelt way to show someone you care than to pay for their grocery delivery? Gift cards from Instacart are a considerate and useful option because they let your recipient shop for their necessities without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Milk Bar Digital Gift Cards

Milk Bar is a well-known supplier of mouthwatering confections, and their gift cards are ideal for individuals who have a sweet appetite. Since the e gift cards won’t expire in the mail, you can send a little piece of heaven to a loved one.

Golde Digital Gift Cards

For the culinary enthusiast, a Golde gift card opens up a world of possibilities. Whether they’re into experimenting with the Superwhisk or sipping on a Turmeric latte blend, Golde has something for every palate.

Fly by Jing Digital Gift Cards

Not a fan of sweet stuff. Fly by Jing got you covered with their super hot and spicy sauces and dips.

Starbucks E Gift Cards

A timeless option, a Starbucks gift card is always appreciated, especially by teachers, parents who need a coffee boost, college students, and other people who work long hours.

The Cheesecake Factory Gift Cards

The delight of cheesecake melting in your mouth is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience in your life and the cheesecake factory makes the best cheesecake.

Grubhub E Gift Cards

Grubhub is the best gift card to get food Delivered from famous area eateries and businesses, to satisfy every appetite. 

Fresh Direct E Gift Cards

What’s a better gift than helping a loved one with their groceries with a Fresh Direct Grocery digital gift card.

Travel and Experiential: Unforgettable Journeys Await

57 Hours Gift Cards

Enhance the experiences of your loved ones with travel and adventure e gift cards. 57 Hours can assist your gift in organizing anything from exhilarating ski day trips to challenging climbing adventures if they have a passion for the great outdoors. The gift of adventure is one that leaves behind priceless memories.

Airbnb Gift Cards

An Airbnb gift card can provide access to one-of-a-kind lodgings and remarkable experiences for those who work remotely or are arranging a trip to Europe. They may use it to reserve quaint cottages, contemporary flats, or comfortable cabins all around the world.

Uber or Lyft Gift Cards

Help your loved ones enjoy the city to the fullest with Uber or Lyft gift cards. Whether they need a ride to the airport or a late-night snack delivered to their door, these e gift cards offer practical convenience.

ClassPass E Gift Cards

Gift your workout buddy a chance to explore new fitness classes with a ClassPass gift card. This versatile platform offers a variety of workout options to keep them motivated and engaged.

SeatGeek E Gift Cards

For the person who loves going to see their favorite artists and teams play live.

Fandango E Gift Cards

For the movie enthusiasts whose idea of a perfect Saturday is sneaking into three screenings in a row.

Tech & Services: Stay Connected and Inspired

For all your Tech savvy friends, tech e- gift cards are perfect.

Apple Gift Card

Technology enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of Apple gift cards. These cards can be used to purchase a range of Apple products, from the latest laptops to AirPods and accessories. Additionally, they can be redeemed for Apple Music or Apple TV+ subscriptions, ensuring a world of entertainment.

Hulu Gift Card

Cater to the cord-cutters in your life with Hulu+ gift cards. They provide access to live TV and a vast library of on-demand content, making it the perfect gift for those who prefer streaming.

GameStop Gift Card

You don’t want to buy a game that your gamer friend already has. Gift them a Gamestop gift card so that they can buy their favorite product whether it be the latest video games, electronics, consoles, collectibles, toys, and more.

Steam Digital Gift Cards

Perfect for gamers, Steam offers an extensive library of games, software, and more.

Digital Store Gift Cards

Gamers can explore a vast world of entertainment with a gaming platform gift card. Whether they prefer Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam, this gift card allows them to choose the games they love.

AMC Theatres Digital Gift Cards

Give the gift of a cinematic experience with an AMC Theatres gift card, ideal for movie buffs.

Barnes & Noble E Gift Cards

Perfect for bookworms, this card allows them to choose from a vast collection of books, e-books, and more.

Spotify E Gift Cards

A music lover’s paradise, where they can enjoy their favorite tunes and discover new ones.

Best Buy E Gift Card

Best Buy is a haven for tech nerds that offers everything ranging from smartphones to pre-built game stations.

Fashion and Accessories: Style Unleashed

H&M E Gift Cards

Fashion-forward individuals can make the most of an H&M gift card. H&M offers a wide range of clothing for the entire family at affordable prices, allowing recipients to update their wardrobe with ease.

ASOS Digital Gift Cards

ASOS, a fashion destination for trendsetters, is a fantastic choice for those who like to stay on top of the latest styles. An ASOS gift card gives them the freedom to explore a vast collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Revolve Digital Gift Cards

Known for its chic and trendy fashion, a Revolve gift card will please any fashion-forward individual.

Lisa Says Gah E Gift Cards

For the fashionista with a penchant for unique and artistic fashion choices.

End E Gift Cards

When it comes to designer finds and stylish pieces, End is a treasure trove. A gift card here will enable the fashion-savvy to snag high-end fashion items at a fraction of the price.

Zappos Digital Gift Cards

Zappos’ one-stop-shop offers clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family. Perfect for the fashion-forward.

Casetify Gift Cards

Whether it’s custom phone cases, tablet covers, or laptop sleeves, Casetify offers a multitude of stylish and protective options. A gift card lets the recipient choose their favorite designs.

Nike E Gift Cards

For those who are passionate about sports and fitness, a Nike gift card opens the door to high-quality athletic gear.

Under Armour E Gift Cards

For those who are passionate about sports and fitness, a Nike gift card opens the door to high-quality athletic gear.

REI Digital Gift Cards

An excellent choice for outdoor lovers, REI’s gift card lets them gear up for their next adventure.

Beauty and Grooming: Gift Card Ideas For Women

Ulta E Gift Cards

If you’re unsure about their beauty preferences, an Ulta gift card is a versatile choice. Ulta is a beauty emporium that offers both drugstore and luxury brands, providing an extensive selection of cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products.

Soko Glam Digital Gift Cards

For fans of Korean beauty products, Soko Glam is one of the best gift cards for women. This gift card opens up a world of Korean skincare and beauty products, perfect for those who are passionate about their skincare routine.

Sephora Gift Card

Sephora is one of the biggest retailers of personal care and beauty products with nearly 340 brands, along with its own private label. It is one of the best gift card ideas for women if you forgot your loved one’s birthday or anniversary. Yikes!!!

Ah-Shi Gift Cards

Ah-Shi is an Indigenous-owned beauty brand offering unique products. A gift card from here allows the recipient to explore a range of beauty items with cultural significance.

Mejuri Digital Gift Cards

Whether they’re looking for a new pair of hoops or an engagement ring, Mejuri has it all for jewelry enthusiasts.

BLK + GRN Gift Cards

For those who appreciate natural, Black-owned beauty and wellness brands, BLK + GRN is the ideal choice. This e-store offers a variety of products that align with a sustainable and inclusive ethos.

Home Goods: Elevate Living Spaces

Food52 Digital Gift Cards

For a blend of digital and physical gifting, consider an e gift card from Food52. It’s a perfect combination of a digital experience with a brick-and-mortar store in Greenpoint, offering a wide range of kitchen essentials and dinner-party must-haves.


For the person whose art is tacked to the wall with push pins, a Society6 gift card is a thoughtful choice. It allows them to explore an array of artistic creations and décor.

MoMa Design Store

MoMa Design Store offers a curated selection of unique home goods, furniture, and art. This gift card will delight those with a passion for contemporary design and artistic expression.

Hay E Gift Cards

If you’re looking to brighten up someone’s living space, a gift card from Hay will do the trick. Hay’s home decor is known for its color and creativity, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate vibrant interiors.

Home Depot Digital Gift Cards

The go-to place for all things related to home improvement, offering tools, materials, and more.

CB2 E Gift Card

With this gift card, your recipient can shop big-ticket furniture items as well as a curated collection of our favorite things from CB2. It’s the perfect way to bring a modern touch to their home.

Lowe’s E Gift Cards

Another home improvement giant, providing a wide range of products for DIY projects and renovations.

Ace Hardware E Gift Cards

A neighborhood favorite for home improvement needs, offering tools, hardware, and gardening supplies.

Universal Retailers E Gift Cards

Amazon E Gift Cards

When in doubt, go for the Amazon gift card. It’s versatile, allowing them to choose from a vast array of products.

Target Digital Gift Cards

For recipients with diverse tastes, a Target gift card guarantees they’ll find something they love, from beauty products to electronics.

Nordstrom E Gift Cards

Nordstrom is known for its reliable style and good deals during their Half-Yearly and Anniversary sales. A Nordstrom gift card ensures your recipient can stay stylish all year round.

Macy’s E Gift Cards

With a Macy’s gift card, they can shop to their heart’s content, whether they’re into fashion or homewares.

AMEX E Gift Cards

An AMEX gift card is universally accepted, providing the recipient with flexibility and choice.

Etsy E Gift Card

Etsy gift cards are great for anyone interested in more personalized and handmade gifts  ranging from clothing, bags, jewelry, home décor and furniture, toys, art, as well as craft supplies and tools.


In the age of instant gratification and digital solutions, e gift cards reign supreme as the perfect last-minute gifts. They offer the flexibility for recipients to choose what truly resonates with their tastes and needs. So, whether it’s satisfying a craving, fueling adventure, staying connected with tech, showcasing style, indulging in self-care, or enhancing living spaces, e gift cards are the ultimate solution to gifting dilemmas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are E-Gift Cards suitable for any age group?

A: Yes, E-Gift Cards are suitable for all age groups. You can find cards tailored to different interests and preferences.

Q: Can I personalize an E-Gift Card?

A: Absolutely! Most platforms allow you to add a personalized message to the card, making it more special.

Q: How do I send an E-Gift Card to someone?

A: You can send an E-Gift Card via email. Simply enter the recipient’s email address, and it will be delivered directly to their inbox.

Q: Do E-Gift Cards have expiration dates?

A: Expiration dates vary depending on the retailer and the country, so be sure to check the terms and conditions when purchasing.

Q: Can I use E-Gift Cards in physical stores?

A: Some E-Gift Cards can be used in physical stores, but it’s essential to check with the retailer’s policies.

Q: Are E-Gift Cards more eco-friendly than traditional gift cards?

A: Yes, E-Gift Cards are more environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for physical materials like plastic cards and packaging.

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