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Are you looking for a wedding gift that’s both luxurious and practical? Look no further than personalized monogrammed towels! Monogrammed wedding towels are a thoughtful and elegant choice that counts a touch of luxury to any bathroom and becomes a cherished keepsake for the happy couple.

But with so many options available, where do you even begin? This guide will explore the top 15 types of personalized monogrammed towels, from classic staples to unique choices, helping you find the perfect gift for the newlyweds.

Top Picks for Wedding Gift 

Now, it’s time to check out the list of amazing monogrammed towels for wedding gift for newly married couples: 

Classic Egyptian Cotton Monogrammed Towels

Soft, absorbent, and known for their long-lasting quality, Egyptian cotton towels are a timeless choice. Opt for a set in neutral tones like white or grey, and personalize them with a classic monogram for a touch of sophistication. 

Organic Bamboo Monogrammed Towels

Eco-conscious couples will appreciate the luxurious feel and sustainability of organic bamboo wedding towels. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, these towels are gentle on the skin & offer a spa-like experience.

Turkish Cotton Monogrammed Towels 

Renowned for their incredible softness and absorbency, Turkish cotton towels are a luxurious indulgence. Choose a set in a vibrant color or a classic pattern, and personalize them with a contrasting monogram for a stunning presentation. 

Waffle Weave Monogrammed Towels 

Waffle weave towels offer a unique texture that dries quickly and efficiently. Available in a variety of colors, these towels add a modern touch to any bathroom and can be personalized with a subtle monogram for a minimalist look. 

Luxury Velour Monogrammed Towels 

For an extra touch of opulence, consider velour wedding towels. Featuring a plush, velvety texture, these towels feel like a warm embrace after a shower. Opt for a rich jewel tone and a simple monogram for a truly luxurious gift.

Furthermore, velour’s low twist yarn construction creates a denser weave, resulting in superior durability. This means these luxurious towels will maintain their soft, velvety feel wash after washing, ensuring the happy couple enjoys their monogrammed gift for years.

Personalized Linen Hand Towels 

For a more rustic charm, consider linen hand towels. Linen is naturally absorbent and dries quickly, making it a great choice for a guest bathroom. Personalize them with a single initial or a monogram for a charming touch. 

Jacquard Monogrammed Towels 

Jacquard towels feature a woven design that incorporates the monogram itself. These monogram wedding gifts create a more intricate and personalized look, making it a unique and eye-catching gift.

Striped Monogrammed Beach Towels 

Consider a set of monogrammed beach towels for the couple who loves spending time by the pool or beach. These aren’t just practical for drying off after a swim; they can also become a stylish statement piece. Choose bold stripes in their favorite colors or a trendy pattern like nautical flags or palm trees. For a truly eye-catching look, opt for a contrasting monogram that pops against the stripes. This playful personalization will make their beach days even more memorable and ensure they never lose track of their towels in a sea of similar ones. 

Hooded Monogrammed Bath Towels 

Pamper the happy couple with hooded bath towels. These towels provide extra warmth and comfort, making them perfect for post-shower relaxation. Personalize them with a “His” and “Hers” monogram for a thoughtful touch. 

Floral Embroidered Monogrammed Towels 

For couples who appreciate a touch of romance, floral embroidered monogrammed towels for wedding gift are a delightful choice. Imagine soft, luxurious towels adorned with a delicate floral motif that gracefully surrounds their monogram. This creates a charming and personalized gift that goes beyond just functionality. The floral embroidery include a touch of elegance and sentiment, making these towels a cherished reminder of their special day.

His and Hers Monogrammed Towel Sets 

Give the couple a complete set of towels with a “His” and “Hers” monogram. Choose different colors or patterns for each set, or personalize them with the couple’s last name. 

Monogrammed Hooded Spa Towels 

Hooded spa towels help them create a spa-like experience at home. These luxurious towels are oversized and incredibly soft, enveloping them in comfort after a relaxing bath or shower. Made from plush materials like Turkish cotton or microfiber, hooded spa towels provide extra warmth and dry them off completely. Personalize them with a monogram for a touch of elegance. Consider a contrasting thread color or a script font for a truly sophisticated look. These thoughtful monogram wedding gifts allow the happy couple to indulge in a bit of self-care and unwind in style.

Custom Color Monogrammed Towels 

Let the couple choose their perfect set by opting for towels where they can select the color and personalize them with a monogram. This way, they can ensure the towels match their bathroom décor. 

Sports Team Monogrammed Towels 

Take the excitement of their favorite team right into their bathroom with sports team monogrammed towels! These towels are the perfect way to celebrate their shared passion for the game. Imagine them cheering on their team, wrapped in cozy towels, proudly displaying the team’s logo. You can personalize these towels further by adding their last name or initials alongside the logo, creating a truly unique and unforgettable gift. This thoughtful gesture not only provides them with luxurious bath essentials but also serves as a constant reminder of their shared love for the sport and the memories they’ve built together as fans. 

Vintage Inspired Monogrammed Towels 

Embrace nostalgia with vintage-inspired monogrammed towels. Featuring a classic design and a decorative monogram, these towels add a touch of timeless charm to any bathroom. 


Monogrammed towels are a thoughtful and practical gift that the newlyweds will appreciate for years to come. With the wide variety of styles & options available, you’re sure to find the perfect set that reflects their taste and personality. So, ditch the generic gift basket and opt for something unique and personalized, like monogram towels for wedding gifts.

Remember: When choosing monogrammed towels, consider the couple’s style and their existing bathroom décor. Opt for classic monograms for a timeless look, or explore more intricate designs for a unique touch.

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